The list of streaming services that can be accessed via a smart TV is huge. From watching your favourite cat videos on YouTube to watching classic films on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon TV, smart TVs can handle a wide range of different services, and it’s not just restricted to TV shows and movies.

Is Your Smart TV Listening To You? Here Is How To Stop It Nov 29, 2019 What is a smart TV? - Team Knowhow Nov 29, 2017 TVs & Radiation: EMF Levels For 4 Types Of TV Screens 3) Radiation Levels From SMART TVs. Our smart TVs are a big problem because they will constantly emit our F and ELF radiation. It’s simply not possible to switch off the Bluetooth and the RF signal to a smart TV. It will always be emitting RF radiation because it will constantly search for or communicate with Wi-Fi routers in your room.

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