How To Fix Your Router: Broadband Problems Solved - Which?

GitHub - martin-ger/esp_wifi_repeater: A full functional flashing (1 per second): working, connected to the AP; unperiodically flashing: working, traffic in the internal network; With "set status_led GPIOno" the GPIO pin can be changed (any value > 16, e.g. "set status_led 255" will disable the status LED completely). When configured to GPIO1, it works with the built-in blue LED on the ESP-01 boards. Althea router flashing guide - Education and Resources 2020-6-11

If you still can't access your router's web-based setup page and still get the same flashing LEDs, you may attempt re-flashing the firmware of your router using the TFTP Utility. For instructions, click here. The articles below provide additional information and instructions about updating the firmware of your router:

Similarly, flashing a router with the wrong version from stock (i.e., not the proper initial flash file) can also brick the router. DD_WRT is not available for every router. If you have any questions about which firmware to install, or if DD-WRT is available for your model, please consult the forums or the firmware developer. I failed to mention that the Wifi LED light on the router is OFF -- this may explain why both wireless bands are blinking the way they are. I went to the site and confirmed that both bands have the "Enable Wireless Router Radio" box checked (under Advanced Setup --> Wireless Settings).

The only problem that the old routers are getting discontinued pretty quickly. If you want up to date Firmware for your old Routers, better use DD-WRT Custom Firmware, that is more updated also for the old hardware. *** Flashing your Firmware voids manufacturer's warranty and can BRICK your router! How to download OpenWRT for your particular

Flashing the Asus router with Tomato firmware is an easy process. Be sure you have an Asus router that is compatible with Tomato before you kick-off this process. Go to Asus's site and download the ASUS Recovery Software for your model. This is what you will use to upload the Tomato firmware on the router. Dear Lifehacker, My cable modem and router just keep flashing all night, even when I'm not doing anything on the internet. I know my power light is supposed to be on, but should the send