A treasure trove of truly terrifying horror movies awaits you on Amazon Prime—but how is a horror fiend expected to sort through all these gems? Never fear, The Lineup is here to make sure you get your fix. Below, discover the best horror movies on Amazon Prime, from underseen cult classics to chilling modern nightmares. Updated: July 2019

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Here, you'll find the Stuff team's pick of Amazon Prime's horror movie selection. There's sure to be something in here that'll put the willies up you. You can sign up here for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime video: so, go fill your boots on scary films.

Jun 01, 2020 · From Fleabag to The Sopranos, here are the 25 best and shows you can watch on Amazon Prime right now. There’s also six seasons of Tony Soprano, in case that’s all you’re really looking for. May 01, 2020 · Hereditary is one of the most critically acclaimed horror films of recent years and one of the best Amazon Prime movies to watch on Halloween. Its story begins with the death of Ellen — a Oct 17, 2017 · There are a lot of horror movies on Amazon Prime so it can be intimidating to try and find one that is actually good. Given the scary movie section on this streaming service is a grab bag of

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95 Hidden Gem Movies On Amazon Prime Video. Like most things with Amazon, when it comes to choosing a movie on Prime the sheer number of options can be paralyzing. The e-commerce and streaming giant’s movie selection is a beast, comprising of endless catalog titles and an increasing number of originals. Browsing the nooks and crannies of its 12 of the Best Mysteries and Suspense Films Free on Amazon