Steps to pin a program to Windows 8/8.1 start menu: Step 1: Open all apps.. On the Start Menu, right-click a blank space or an icon. After that, select All apps on the bottom right corner.. Step 2: Pin a program to the Start Menu.. On the Apps screen, locate and right-click the program you want to pin to the Start Menu, and then tap Pin to Start button on the lower left.

Jul 03, 2017 Startup Folder On Windows 8.1 and how to add New Items to Steps to The Startup Folder On Windows 8.1 And How To Add New Items To It. 1. Open the Windows Explorer and type the following path in the address bar C:\Users\(USERNAME)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup but replace the USERNAME by your own user name. See the image to get a reference. How To Add/Remove Programs And Files To System Startup In May 26, 2014 How to Add / Remove Startup programs in windows 8 – TechTin

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By Woody Leonhard . Before you start grouping tiles and making them a bit more accessible and generally prettify the Windows 8.1 Metro Start screen, you need to bring back many of the programs that used to be on the Windows Start menu — you know, the old stalwarts such as Notepad, Paint, and Calculator, that you may use once or twice a week or even once or twice a day.