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BBC iPlayer - Mrs. America Mrs. America. Opposition comes from the most unexpected places. The women, fights, and fallout on both sides of America's sex equality war. Cate Blanchett in a stylish, treacherous true story. BBC iPlayer - Mystic A London girl uncovers a series of secrets surrounding a mysterious injured horse. BBC iPlayer - Watch BBC News live

iPlayer Navigation. Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg speaks to the BBC's Justin Rowlatt. Our World looks at video diaries from doctors and nurses fighting coronavirus in New

How to Watch BBC iPlayer in New Zealand in 2020 Creating a BBC iPlayer Account in New Zealand. To watch BBC iPlayer in New Zealand, you also need a BBC account. That is pretty straightforward as unlike with Hulu or DAZN, there’s no need to put in a card issued in the country where the platform is available. Instead, you need to tick the box that states you pay a TV license. Downloading the New BBC iPlayer vs old BBC iPlayer: What's the difference BBC iPlayer has been updated and a new user interface has been introduced allowing you to take advantage of the multiple devices you use, as well as keep up with the shifting changes in viewing

BBC is preparing to roll-out a fresh new design to its BBC iPlayer service in a bid to tackle declining viewing figures. Not only that, but the Beeb is changing the default expiry date for new

Move to the iPlayer app so it's highlighted in the Roku Home screen. Press the asterisk button on the Roku remote to display a BBC iPlayer menu and then find 'Check for Updates' and select this then click Ok. The update should download and then click on 'Close'. Open iPlayer and give things another try