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Iptable and port forwarding Hello, I have a routeur linksys ( ) a firewall ( IN ----> OUT) which using iptable I want to acces to an equipment (lorex video camera serveur which using an ddns service on the port 9000 So i don t know which redirection a will do on the routeur and which rules put

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If you have a server on a private network and need to access it from the outside (but can't simply give it an external IP) you can use port forwarding on an externally accessible server to get around it. Once set up it simply sends all incoming packets that meet certain criteria to a new IP. That way you can connect to a public server in order to communicate with the private server. How to forward port using iptables in Linux - Kernel Talks Feb 28, 2019 linux - How can I port forward with iptables? - Server Fault 2) Add 2 iptables rules to forward a specific TCP port: To rewrite the destination IP of the packet (and back in the reply packet): iptables -A PREROUTING -t nat -p tcp -i ppp0 --dport 8001 -j DNAT --to-destination To rewrite the source IP of the packet to the IP of the gateway (and back in the reply packet): Port forwarding with iptables – Debian Tutorials